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Goodbye is Just the Beginning

It's hard pouring every ounce of love into someone, giving them your heart and soul... only to have them trample your heart, abuse your love, and crush your spirit. 

It hurts when we share our deepest secrets, with one whom we believe is our soul mate... only to have them twist our words and re-write our narrative, while gleefully painting us as ugly monsters. 

All with no remorse. No regrets. No I'm sorrys. 

Just unemotional and detached demeanor, a cold glare, and a "you make me act like this!" as they dismantle us, piece by piece. All the while, they go about their lives as if nothing occurred. 

It's hard to understand how the person we loved was never real. They never loved us. All was a facade.

How do we trust from here?

Heal from here?

Go on from here?

Rebuild from here?

Oh, I wish I could tell you that freedom comes easy with goodbye. However, the journey to break free from the nightmares only begins with goodbye. It's a long road ahead. Some days we can barely breathe. We just want some semblance of normalcy. To be who we were before. But who we were before no longer exists.

Guess what, though? 

Your heavenly Father will walk you through every bit of healing on this journey. He will restore your peace and joy. He will be gentle and patient as you walk through the rubble and ashes... together. He will restore beauty. 

No, you will not be the same. You will be wiser. A bit more aware and sophisticated. A bit more appreciative of what is pure, and real and true. You will be reminded of the power and provision of God, as you see Him rearrange your life. 

Just hang on. He's got you!


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